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For over 25-years the staff at 1Recovery Center has guided thousands of those suffering from life threatening addiction and mental health issues to recovery and full useful lives. Nothing more has helped the suffering family and addicts than ones like us that have stood and lived in your shoes at a time. With fully licensed and certified staff members we have the experience to handle all types of mental health and substance abuse issues.

Our FREE Services include:

  1. FREE Confidential Consultation
  2. FREE Self-Assessment on-line. ONLY you get the results.
  3. FREE Insurance Check to measure and maximize your benefits.
  4. FREE Offers we may have available for Discounted Insurance Deductibles at our Luxury facilities
  5. FREE Options offered for our Recovery Centers that best fit you needs in Treatment.
  6. FREE In-Patient Scholarships that may be available at times.
  7. FREE Recovery Solutions that may be required for your needs.
  8. FREE availability listing at our Facilities. Same Day Guaranteed Placement.

Contact us so that we can meet your needs and offer you the Options available today.

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The Secrets to AFFORDABLE professional TREATMENT
(not just sober housing)
NO INSURANCE - NO PROBLEM - We have Solutions

The good news is that in 2015 more help is available than ever before. New Health-care Laws require that all health insurance plans now cover mental health and substance abuse. ALL insurance carriers MUST have this coverage included in all policies. This is the key to the opportunity to make Treatment and Recovery more affordable than ever. In addition there are Deductibles always listed on your policies. These can be quite high on some policies. It is these Out-Of-Pocket Costs that make us the Best Value. If you were to call your insurance carrier directly they would, for their purposes, offer you limited, local choices that are the less expensive to them as well as require the deductible to come out of your pocket. 1Recovery Center has successfully reduced these costs for many of our clients. Some cost may be as low as No Charge, depending on our availabilities. So it is very important to contact us immediately for your options financially. Remember we are your advocate and this is one of the most valued of our FREE services.


These are often available to cover some (or all) of the costs of deductibles and co-pays with use of with your other insured benefits. The range of services that are covered by these scholarships include inpatient detoxification, hospitalization, residential treatment (30, 60, 90-day), and intensive *Partial Hospitalization, **Outpatient Programs (IOP).

*Partial Hospitalization is defined as 5 days a week, 6 hours a day, substance testing, no hospitalization overnight.

**IOP – Intensive Outpatient is defined as 3 days a week, 3 hours a day, substance testing, no hospitalization overnight.


This form of payment is always the Best Value. It is often 50% less than our insurance rates at our Luxury Facilities based on current availabilities. Some of our most decrement clients use this form of payment for variety of reasons. Whether it is for anonymity, to avoid steep deductibles, or reduce the overall cost on our very best executive and professional properties this method works well for our clients in all ways.

This form of payment is also quite effective and often 50% less for our moderate properties and can be as little as $7,500 for a full treatment program of 30 days. Consider other first class treatment programs that are medically supervised can range from $30,000-$100,000 for a full 90 day program. Some of our most successful treatment facilities can offer a 90 day program for less than $20,000 with the Private Pay method. We also often have financing available for the qualified clients for 84 months through American Health Lending.


No problem. We have programs, in and out-patient that will meet your needs. We can help regardless of your financial, or legal issues.


In the United States there are over 20,000 treatment centers however not all treatment centers are created equal. Some are excellent, the majority are efficient and still others are just plain bad. It can be confusing to know who you can trust and which treatment facility specializes in the area of your concern. Trying to find the right care can be an overwhelming challenge, because even the most reputable centers may not have the best services to handle your specific needs.

What you need is the help of experts who have the clinical knowledge and practical experience in the specific areas of mental health and substance abuse treatment that fit your needs. Making the choice to regain control of your life is a big undertaking, and is a life-saving decision for you and your loved one.

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We take you through the Process Step-by Step from Admission through Aftercare. Then we offer and recommend a bridge for your loved one after completion of the Treatment Program to a sustainable social program of their choice that is FREE for life.

When your child or spouse is struggling with addictions, it affects not only them, but the entire family as you know. The fact is that every day thousands of families in our country are forced to deal with life threatening, legal, and financial destruction caused by drug and alcohol abuse. With proper treatment there is real hope for a new and better life of sobriety to restore your family to wholeness. Our Facilities offer family outreach and structured programs.

We walk with you through the following Process. This is our FREE Service. The Treatment in some cases can be 100% covered with your insurance carrier.

  1. Run the Insurance Check to maximize your benefits and open up your maximum options. (This is most important before we can go to work for you to discover all the options available)
  2. Guide you through, and locate availabilities for your choices of Recovery Center Treatment Facilities.
  3. Negotiate the best value and availability with each of our Facilities, including any FREE options.
  4. Consult with your loved one on the necessity of Treatment, the Process, and Self-Assessment.
  5. Arrange a pre-Clinical Assessment with the Facility selected before departure and confirmed admission.
  6. Organize any professional Intervention that may be requested and required by you for your loved one.
  7. Organize transportation to and from the facility with the program transportation team.
  8. Intact Evaluation and Full Clinical Assessment by the facility clinical management on-site.
  9. The facility’s case manager will organize the family visitation and give regular updates on progress.
  10. The facility’s clinical case management will review the progress of recovery and recommend the next step in all situations.
  11. After completion and return of your loved one our 1Recovery Center counselors will contact you and review your experience. Then we will locate, offer and place, if you wish, choices of sober living residences for longer term recovery, or a FREE social program of their choice.
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What is difficult to overcome alone, TOGETHER WE SUCCEED

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