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Our facilities will facilitate our patient’s first few steps through the program and provide transportation to local 12-step meetings to ensure the patient has support through early recovery and start their bridge to on-going recovery. This makes it easier for them to continue once they have completed Treatment.

Most Successful Recovery – Starts with Treatment and Maintains through Support

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Studies have shown that having a support system during early recovery reduces the risk of relapse. 12-step programs are the long term solution to a person’s recovery, they are not a substitute for the patient that needs detox, or an intensive 30-90 day clinical Treatment. The 12-step program for recovery which started with Alcoholics Anonymous has become almost synonymous with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction along with Narcotics Anonymous. Although the 12-step programs tend to be most commonly associated with substance abuse problems, there are support groups and outpatient recovery programs that utilize a 12-step approach for almost every type of behavioral health problem. A 12-step approach to recovery is not the only option, but it has become the most successful one. Our facilities employ and encourage the 12-step approach with attendance to both inside and outside meetings. Our residential and outpatient behavioral health treatment programs use the 12 steps as the foundation of their treatment. Addiction is a chronic and life threatening disease that requires constant maintenance. The relapse rate is between 40 and 90 percent, which is similar to other conditions requiring maintenance such as heart disease and diabetes. However through the proper intensive start and continued maintenance 100% recovery is attainable. Having a local accessible place for support group meetings can help a person avoid the temptation and triggers leading to a relapse. We understand that the 12-step process is not for everyone, so we offer non 12-step recovery as well. Our programs are customized to the person to provide a holistic, well-balanced approach.

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For all people out of Treatment and working to stabilized the illness, we can be of help with our FREE SERVICE.

We would be happy to listen to your circumstance and locate the most successful support groups for your consideration. This includes putting you in touch with local successful groups and people to help you long term. At 1Recovery Center it is our mantra to help everyone with their on-going recovery regardless of their need, or financial circumstance.

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