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Staying sober for the long term is all about avoiding relapses and the high-risk situations that cause them. In the real world, avoiding these situations can be difficult on your own. However, with the help of a sober living community, you can reduce the number of risky situations you are exposed to, which means you’ll have a much better chance of enjoying a successful recovery and begin, or return to the a fruitful and useful life.

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Living in a Like-Minded Community Can Improve Your Recovery

Our sober living residences involve a group of people who are living together with the shared goal of sobriety. With multiple houses operated by our main facility, or affiliated with us in the same area we can continue aftercare when departing our treatment with continuity.

Most sober living residences have more autonomy than an inpatient treatment facility. This allows the client to return to regular work, or education. Generally most of the houses are gender specific. They often have a regular collaborative house meeting once a week for unity. They also guide, or transport their tenants to support group meetings.

A great addiction scientist once said, “When you take a drink away from an alcoholic, you have to put something else back in his hand.” A sober living community helps residents restructure their lives around new activities, or return to previously healthy responsibilities.

What is the Cost of Sober Living? Does insurance cover this?

No. The cost of sober living residences vary based on the quality and privacy you wish. Generally they cost no more than the regular leasing of an apartment. All amenities are included, except food.

Sober Living as Part of Outpatient Treatment

If a client ONLY needs, or can afford outpatient treatment we may be able to offer you a sober living residence for 30 days as part of your insured treatment benefit. In this case the sober living would have to be part of our network, or facility. We would have to so we could help professionally monitor the patient’s progress.

Sample of our featured Sober Living Homes

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