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When a person is ready to begin treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction, there are many different levels of care available, and it may seem difficult to make a choice.

The highest level of care is inpatient treatment, which is in a hospital or a residential rehab center. The next step down is partial hospitalization (PHP) or an intensive outpatient program (IOP). A person can also choose to undergo traditional therapy or enter a self-help program relying upon 12 step support meetings such as AA, or NA locally. We can help answer questions and locate the best suitable meetings for you as well.

Research shows that inpatient treatment centers, offer the best START of a successful recovery. Of course, addiction, or mental disorders are chronic illnesses and should to be addressed long term with local therapy, or support groups. Inpatient clients learn to be accountable and responsible for all their actions and how to trust and rely on each other all the while being supervised and being given clinical help and diagnosis regularly. This prepares them to return to their home and responsible for their own recovery.

Licensed Facilities ONLY are important. All our facilities are in fact fully licensed and accredited.

Our centers all have disciplines that employ Phases of recovery within best practices used in the recovery field. They can differ from center to center but the processes are all similar.

Our facilities offer Detox, 30, 60, 90 day treatment with supervision on site and medical doctors on call. During detox a licensed clinician is on site.

Most Insurance Covers Residential Treatment

Thanks to the ACA Healthcare, behavioral health is required to be covered by insurance. Help us help you maximize your benefits by filling out our Confidential Insurance Check.

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Residential rehab can be expensive, but there are solutions without worrying about the cost

holistic recovery

We are a FREE SERVICE to find you the best treatment. We can let you know within 2 hours how you can use your benefits to maximize the best facilities and choices for you.

Our patients live off campus in beautiful houses and in small groups. The surroundings are comfortable and as homelike as possible. Meals are home cooked on site and patients may help if they wish. Daily transportation is provided to treatment. There is a house manager to ensure that house rules are adhered to and that chores are carried out.

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Any options if I cannot afford impatient rehab?

In the event Residential Treatment is not for you, 1Recovery Center also has many options for you.

  • Partial Hospitalization - covered
  • Intensive Outpatient Program - covered
  • Sober Living with structured recovery programs. These are usually handled by private pay at customary rental rates of housing. These living arrangements are usually in combination with a PHP, or IOP for more affordability if insurance doesn’t cover most of a full residential treatment program.
  • Lost cost housing in sober living environments in your local area.
  • 12 step program and mental health support groups with local connections.