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Community Outreach

At 1Recovery Center we offer countless free addiction treatment and recovery resources for you. This includes low-cost and free housing options as well as a local listing of all 12 step recovery meetings. Contact us for affordable and FREE options for treatment.

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You will learn how to interrupt the cycle of addiction through educational groups and wellness workshops. The speakers will help you gain deep insight into the disease of addiction & co-dependency through inspirational stories of hope and healing. The groups help everyone process personal barriers to growth and explore alternatives to shame, guilt, resentment, and fear. The family needs to heal and learn how to reconnect with their loved one after treatment. The 12 step meetings will do just that for you.

At 1Recovery Center we dedicate ourselves to reaching out and offering our message of hope and recovery to anyone we can. Our staff is knowledgeable about the disease of addiction, recovered themselves and understands the importance of helping someone find recovery.

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Legal Help

If a person has been charged with a crime and has drug, alcohol and/or mental health issues, there are many potential benefits for seeking help before going to trial. Some of the offenses may be drug and alcohol related. Treatment may be a required part of the journey through the legal system, such as court-ordered drug, or alcohol program completion. If a person voluntarily seeks treatment before going to trial, a prosecutor or judge may be inclined to view the individual more favorably.

As part of our treatment programs, we offer a variety of court services for our clients who may have legal issues. We don’t supply attorneys, but we do often go to court on the behalf of our clients, supply documentation and testify on their progress. Prior to entering treatment, he or she should discuss the options with their attorney to ensure that everything is handled correctly and a course of action that includes completion of a treatment program is planned.

The benefits of proactively seeking treatment can be of substantial help in both the short and long term for our clients. The completion of a drug and alcohol program is often a condition of being sentenced to a period of probation, known as alternative sentencing. This can often avoid jail sentencing in many cases. Whether or not a person takes this step voluntarily is something an individual should discuss with his or her attorney.

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