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If you or a loved one has to consider treatment for substance abuse, alcohol, prescription pills, or mental health issues remember one thing-inpatient care has been favored by medical professionals for years because it works.

Inpatient Treatment, otherwise known as residential Treatment, takes place while a person is living at the rehab facility. Inpatient treatment is often at least four weeks long considering medical detox could be 5-10 days and stabilization the balance of 30 days. In many cases, it’s appropriate for a person to stay in the rehab facility for 60-90 days, or more. Medical statistics show that 90 days is the most successfully, coupled with the choice of quality of care selected. Obviously this is based individually on the condition of the client and the length of severity of the illness. Considering the detox and stabilization, Phase 1, most patients can be stabilized in 30 days. The acclimation to a restart back into the normal life cycle may be take longer and should be assessed by our clinicians and the family.

Knowing Your Addiction Treatment Options

Not all inpatient treatment centers are created equal. You may be tempted to think that the most expensive facilities clearly provide the best treatment. Sometimes it’s the case that a more expensive facility provides better care. Our executive care facilities can be a more expensive treatment facility because we offer more luxury amenities, privacy and staff to client ratio. However, at 1Recovery Center we have made all options available, pre-discounted all rates and deductibles to help everyone that seeks and needs help including the once, “out-of-reach”, Luxury Rehabs, now also Affordable.

At 1Recovery Center we have many options for everyone looking for recovery. All are facility our listed on the right. We try to fit, and make available an inpatient treatment for all.

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Is everyone that has an insurance card eligible for inpatient treatment?

YES. At 1Recovery Center we have made this possible with a lot of research and help from our affiliates. NO, Not every featured facility can take all insurance cards at 100%. However, it is our FREE SERVICE to insure the Best Value is made so the entry fee, if any, is affordable in all cases.

Can I get into the finest Luxury Rehab?

It does matter the type of insurance coverage, or resources you have for the finest Luxury Rehab. Some of our facilities absolutely cater to executives, celebrities and people that need their privacy. However, all our facilities are licensed and accredited by state and official organizations. The success rate is often dependent on the length of stay and level of care.