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Faith Based Addiction Treatment

Our facilities provide a faith based addiction treatment at our Christian drug and alcohol rehab. The relationship between faith and spiritual practice has been well documented for long-term sobriety. Thousands of men and women have been able to recover from drug and alcohol addiction through this acceptance and practice. That is why at the heart of our Christian Rehab are faith based treatment modalities including bible study, daily morning devotions, 12 step meetings, regular church services and Christian counseling.

Drugs and Alcohol become the Solution for the Addict, not the Problem. So what is the Problem?

Addicts almost always use drugs, or alcohol to escape reality because it is just too tough to face difficult situations at times. WHY? We believe, as do all 12-step programs, that it is a “lack of faith,” or enough spiritual power, to overcome that reality.

Faith and spiritual practice facilitates recovery because recovering addicts and alcoholics are living the disciplines of how God would have us live. Many felt so hopeless that they would ever be able to abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Simple, but NOT easy. Faith without works is dead!

Actually the statistics overwhelming support the 12-step model of recovery as the most successful worldwide. The main purpose is to find a belief in God that the addict will trust. The practice of taking the living actions of daily assessment of their own actions, addressing them immediately, conducting all their own daily commitments, and understanding and helping others are the disciplines. Through these actions they gather a belief and trust in faith. Many addicts and alcoholics know their way they are living is not the way God intended them to live, but they don’t know the way out. Through this recovery, working with other Christians, alcoholics and addicts have been able find themselves, God and are able to handle many things they heretofore could not.

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Having opportunities for spiritual development and development of new ways of relating to themselves, others, and God.

Having one-on-one sessions with committed Christian clinicians and group sessions with a community of like-minded Christians dedicated to their recovery do wonders for a solid start to a new life.

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