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The fact of the matter is the continuing abuse of alcohol, or drugs are not only dangerous, but in some cases deadly, particularly if alcohol and drugs are used in combination with one another.

The Science and Effect of Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Drugs and alcohol warp the messages sent by neurotransmitters and that leads to false confidence in the pleasurable rewards drugs/alcohol produce rather than confidence in the normal rewards of life. More in-take has to happen for the pleasure areas of the brain to be triggered again and the quantity required to trigger the reward centers goes up.

Withdrawal Dangerous without Medical Detox

As time goes by the dependency on alcohol and drugs for normal functioning heightens. If the abuser tries to quit, withdrawal symptoms kick in. Withdrawal symptoms range widely depending on the person and length of use of the harmful substance. The symptoms are loss of energy, depression, fearfulness, difficulty in sleeping or the need to sleep too much, shaking, nausea, sweating, increased appetite, lack of appetite, sexual dysfunction, headaches and irritability are just a few of the signs of withdrawal.

Alcohol withdrawal is life threatening causing seizures

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With medical detox treatment, these symptoms can be dealt with and eliminated quickly and safely. Executive Detox has clinically tested medications administered by highly trained physicians, psychologists and therapists all working parallel with each other to ward off seizures and lasting effects of addictive substances. There is no easy fix to the complexities of detox. The rapid detox program at our Executive Detox greatly reduces discomfort and the cravings associated with withdrawal. We provide physiological help during a 24 Hour a day monitoring process.

The process of detoxification disarms the destructive tendencies the brain has grown accustomed to by way of clearing out the harmful chemicals and toxins.

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Do NOT try to detox from Alcohol, or Benzo’s on your own. It is simply to dangerous.

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