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Is taking time Now or later worth it to address alcohol, substance, or mental health issues?

When career responsibilities are hindering you or a loved one from looking for a solution for alcohol, substance or behavior-related addictions, executive rehab treatments will be what you need. Pairing our top-rated addiction treatment centers with professional people is our specialty. We know the pressures of management. The difficulty in deciding between the responsibility of your career and taking care of your health is always a tough one. The time it may take? Value? etc. However, the loss of your health or effectiveness has NO price tag, or time limit. We, at 1Recovery Center, specialize in matching the exact treatment you may need at one of our facilities in as brief a period as recovery is possible. 7 day detox, 30 day, 60 day.

We’ve been in your shoes and understand

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Ask to speak to one of our owners directly Now. Please request an anonymous Executive Inquiry from our consultant. One of our owners will contact you at your convenience, or you will be connected immediately. You may also use our confidential SELF Assessment for your own help.


We keep in mind that our clinical staff must be as professional and attentive as our client. We also understand the necessity of access to computer and your mobile devices to stay “plugged-in” to your organizations while you spend most of your time in recovery taking care of yourself.

From housekeeping services with fine linens, recreation, gym facilities and in-house massage therapy, you will also receive the best-rated clinical treatment for yourself or your loved one.

Privacy- Media and Publicity Free is our Policy

Our top executive rehab centers cater to the needs of the busy lives of CEOs, doctors, and celebrity personalities from around the world while keeping media and publicity free.

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Top executives and their peers find the most

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Drug rehabilitation for executives focus on a calm environment that reflects a high-end lifestyle. It allows the executive to continue a presence in his or her company while stabilizing and recovering as effectively as possible. Inpatient facilities allow the patients to interact with others of similar background. We encourage our patients to share their common stresses while maintaining personal and corporate anonymity.

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