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The Best Treatment starts with the Best Choice

At 1RECOVERY CENTER with our 25 years of experience in the field, professional and clinical staff we can help you discover the best choice of treatment and facilities. Firstly it is critical that the best match for treatment is made. Then have a plan for recovery. Think of it as phases, or the Process. Our professional consultants will walk you through the Process as part of our FREE service. All the following customary steps are available if necessary.

  1. Counseling and Selection of Treatment
  2. Intervention (if needed)
  3. Intake in Treatment (Inpatient, Hospitalization, PHP, IOP, OTP, Sober Living, or Support Group)
  4. Medical Assessment
  5. Case Management, Clinical Care, and Testing
  6. 0-30 Days Initial Concentration
  7. Family Week, or Visitation inside 0-30 Days
  8. 30-60 Days Transition
  9. 60-90 Acclimation to Returning Home
  10. Discharge Assessment
  11. Aftercare Plan-OTP, Support Groups
  12. Treatment Center Follow Up

Substance abuse and Mental Health issues never get better without treatment. They always get worse. Unfortunately many can be life threatening, or at a minimum life altering. Together we can find, assess, and discover the best treatment by using our FREE addiction help services.

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The selection process of Treatment for Recovery is up to you. It can be a daunting task, crucial and urgent. We are one of the few organizations that have personnel that are both medically trained exclusively for recovery, and executives that have had the experience of once being in your shoes. This gives us the identification of your perspective. Having had this experience we are uniquely qualified to help you in all matters of addiction recovery from drugs, alcohol and even dual diagnosis treatment.