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We accept most insurance plans. There are financial assistance options available as well.

UnitedHealthCare, AmeriHealth, Humana, Optum Health, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, MultiPlan

Our complete service is FREE. We offer the Best Value in Treatment and it’s simple. CONTACT US if you have any questions. 800-675-8830, or Email the insurance form to us as soon as possible to find out your benefits.

1. Just enter your information on the right panel and click send and we will respond with your maximum benefits package you are eligible for within 2 hours.

2. Then our financial executives will always work with any deductible that exists.

3. We have major discounts (up to 50% less) for Private Pay.

4. We also have financing for qualified applicants up to 84 months at low Interest.

5. We will also advise you of the type insurance policies that will cover our best treatment facility.

Remember insurance companies are businesses that are designed to earn profits. When you call them directly they are going to offer you only their best answers. They will not take the time to access the best fit that matches all your needs. Wouldn’t you prefer to have an advocate that is exclusively working for you. That’s why so many ask 1RecoveryCenter to help find ALL the Best Choices.

Actually getting to the bottom line on the details of the insurance policies can be an overwhelming task. The healthcare laws have changed so many times that it makes it nearly impossible to identify what benefits, within your own policy, that works best for you, the policyholder. In effect the healthcare changes have mandated that ALL Insurance Providers no matter what the quality of the policy has to include Mental Health coverage. Even with the best policies, some of these benefits were previously excluded. Now due to the Parity Rule being instituted this January 2015, Mental Health must be treated with parity, or equal to that of any other life threatening illness. Most people don’t know this due to all the changes. The insurance companies are not necessarily freely advertising this fact.

By filling out our confidential insurance form you will get direct results of your coverage and the best choices of all our facilities nationwide, not just the one option a single Treatment Center, or insurance company will allow.

The HIPPA act protects all your information from being shared without your written consent.


If you give us the symptoms and as much information as you can about the substance(s) used we can help immediately.

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