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1. 1Recovery Center has but one mission- to deliver accurate, appropriate, cost effective, and the best treatment for every client that seeks our services regardless of their financial, or emotional condition.

2. 1Recovery Center does not engage in any form of misleading or deceptive practices in its online marketing, public relations, or advertising. Further, we will not participate as an advertiser on “funnel” websites, bogus treatment directories, or so-called “rehab reviews” which misrepresent our treatment options.

3. We encourage clients, and families and to visit our facilities in person, or a thorough transparency of any on-line in order to see our centers up close.

4. We work diligently to match our clients’ needs through medical evaluation to the appropriate and best care that they are diagnosed for. We recognize we may not have all the answers for everyone.

5. Ultimately all our clinical decisions are made on the basis of safety and wellbeing of our client.

6. We don’t receive any money for our services from the client. If a client choses to go to one of our premium treatment facilities there may, or may not be charge beyond their insurance benefits. Our job is to maximize our clients’ benefits.

7. Our marketing is fundamentally about providing exposure for our services to families, and prospective clients. We strive to accurately convey our treatment and our facilities.

8. We protect patient privacy in the use of video or photographic images of our clients completely. We will only use personal testimonials of former clients after a client has been discharged from our program, but only with the prior written permission of those individuals.



To provide a comprehensive and accurate match for the best treatment for any client that seeks our help.

To attempt to ensure that multiple options are offered all clients so they may choose the best fit for themselves considering treatment, location, amenities, and budget, including NO Charge.

To guide all our clients to an aftercare program, social or otherwise, for life-long sustainability of sobriety and sanity.


Why is it important?

When seeking a new physician, you should carefully examine the doctor's credentials. You should do the same when considering a treatment facility. Most people, including many referring health care professionals, don't.

That's why CARF was founded - Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF is considered the gold standard, the premiere accrediting body for rehabilitation programs. Facilities that are CARF-accredited must meet stringent international standards. The most interesting thing about CARF, however, is that it is a voluntary accreditation. This means our facilities sought CARF accreditation at our own expense and effort to undergo the in-depth assessment and review that the CARF demands. Why do all this when residential rehabilitation programs are not required by law to be accredited? Licensed-YES, but what about the standards. CARF supplies these credentials.

CARF accreditation is the best way to ensure that you are selecting the highest quality of care for your loved one. Basically, CARF assures our clients that our facilities value them so much that it has voluntarily agreed to adhere to the CARF vigorous standards. At its core, CARF is an advocacy program to ensure that the client remains at the center of the rehabilitation program's focus. It mandates that our clients served are key participants of their own treatment and recovery.