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FAQ’s On Treatment Entry

Q: Are there costs associated with submitting any of our application forms for insurance benefits, treatment application, or assessment questionnaires?
NO. There are no costs associated with any of these submissions in any way.

Q: Are there any costs associated with 1Recovery Center services?
NO. We are in the business of offering you the best of our facilities that fit your needs.

Q: How long does it take to get an answer from 1Recovery Center on eligibility?
2 HRS. By filling out the email-able application form in our “Help Here Now” Tab and the Insurance Form. We will get back to you within 2 hours with multiple options based on your criteria you supply.

Q: Is the response I receive from a real live person?
YES. One of our professional counselors will get back to you within 2 hours every day 6am-8pm PST.

Q: Is my information confidential?
YES. Your information is not shared with anybody outside of 1Recovery Center and our facilities. The HIPPA rules and regulations forbid any sharing of medical information without your permission.

FAQ’s on Insurance and Treatment Costs

Q: Is the best inpatient treatment covered by insurance?
YES. Most all major insurance policies cover all, or the best portion of our best facilities.

Q: Does my insurance have to be only the best PPO coverage?
NO. Our facilities take all PPO’s , some HMO’s and even some ACA Coverage.

Q: Is there any out-of-pocket cost because my policy has a high deductible?
In some cases YES. However, 1Recovery Center has discounted most of the out-of-pocket costs from ZERO-to less than 50% of any other facilities.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just call my insurance carrier and request treatment?
You can. However, you won’t get the best counsel for the best treatment and certainly they won’t save you any of the discounts made available by 1Recovery Center facilities.

Q: Do I have any choices if I have Medicare, or Medicaid and no Advantage Plan?
YES. 1Recovery Center has some solutions for your treatment? Contact us. You can also upgrade your insurance policy with your carrier.

FAQ’s on Lengths and Type of Treatment

Q: How long is a normal recovery period for substance abuse?
Substance recovery depends on type and duration of usage. However 30 days is the most popular and fully insured. A 90 day program is the most successful over the course of time.

Q: How long is a normal recovery for a behavioral health disorder?
This really depends on the medical evaluation and length of suffering. 90 days is a suggested start with an aftercare program set in place upon discharge.

Q: What type of treatment is the best for my loved one?
This depends on the type addiction and duration of usage. Please see our Treatment Programs and the Addictions We Treat menu tab.

Q: What is the difference between Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment?
Outpatient is treatment when the patient lives at home, or in a residence while working, or in education. Inpatient Treatment is treatment while in a hospital, or in a residential supervised environment.

FAQ’s on Aftercare, or a need for more Treatment?

Q: What happens if my loved one needs more treatment than we planned or my benefits could afford?
Our professionals contact your insurance carrier and extend the care through a clinical evaluation. Extended care requires frequent evaluations to be submitted. Transitioning to a level of care such as Sober-living for an extended stay is often the recommended care. This care doesn’t cost any more than standard rental living in most cases depending on your choice of amenities.

Q: What kind of aftercare is provided when my loved one is discharged from formal treatment?
At 1Recovery Center we arrange suggestions for many options of FREE on-going care such as 12-step support groups in your local area. We are connected with them all. If your loved one needs supervised monitoring when returning, an Outpatient Program is most proven method. This program usually meets 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, is one of the most affordable and has been proven sustainable along with a 12-step support program.