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We’ve only recently begun to better understand the effects of trauma, and conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder on overall well-being.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is just one of many conditions that are typically brought on by physical or mental trauma. The most notable of these cases are often soldiers returning from war who have struggled with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and sometimes even schizophrenia. In addition to the known mental health conditions it can bring on, there’s often a lot going on behind the scenes such as cold sweats, restless leg syndrome, moderate to severe headaches, phantom pain, and even bouts of severe anger or self-harming behavior such as cutting or even suicide.

Outside of the severe nature of trauma on the brain when it comes to mental health conditions, many of these cases lead to substance abuse such as a reliance on drugs such as marijuana, opiates, or hallucinogens in order to self-medicate. Alcoholism amongst those that suffer from PTSD is also quite common. Because of these co-occurring disorders, treatment professionals have started to refer to these disorders as “dual diagnosis” disorders or co-occurring conditions.

Those with a dual diagnosis disorder are plagued with a mental health condition that they typically try to fix without medical help by self-medicating with legal or illegal substances.

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This rarely helps and quite often makes the problem much worse. Now, feelings of worthlessness and a loss of hope are often accompanied by chemicals, which pick the user up, but then leave them in a vulnerable state as they begin to wear off. This leads the user to try to regain these feelings of normalcy (or even happiness) by taking more of the substance, which could lead to irreversible damage, or even death due to overdose.

Our referral specialists are here to help you find the help that you need to treat your trauma-related mental health conditions, or dual diagnosis disorders. The only path to recovery from these serious conditions are through a recovery specialist who has experience in dealing with trauma, or dual diagnosis conditions. Our trained staff is here to connect you with the right care provider in order to treat your condition in a way that’s specific to you, and your individual needs. Give us a call today.

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