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According to research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, teens are one of the most at-risk age groups for substance abuse issues. While teens use a wide variety of drugs, the same two are leading the pack as always: alcohol and marijuana.

As of December 2014, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that alcohol use was on the decline, but the level at which high school-aged teens drank was still problematic. While only 9-percent of 8th graders reported having a drink of alcohol within the past month, nearly 4 of 10 (37.4-percent) high school seniors had had a drink within the past 30 days.

The same is true for marijuana. According to the same research, 11-percent of 8th graders had used marijuana in the past year, while 35-percent of high school seniors used during the same time period.

In addition to the two standby substances in most high schools, we’ve got even bigger problems. Prescription drugs (typically narcotic painkillers) and heroin are growing in popularity while alcohol and marijuana use is beginning to decline. This growing problem is reaching epidemic proportions in certain areas of the country, such as: Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, which have some of the highest incidences of accidental overdose due to opiates in all of the country.

Teens experimenting and ultimately becoming addicted to substances isn’t a new thing, but the substances they’re now using are definitely cause for additional concern.

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Substance abuse experts across the nation are well aware of the growing problem, and our referral specialists know full-well the pain and devastation substance abuse can cause within a family. Substance abuse is a problem no matter what the age group, but it’s often an especially challenging problem to treat when dealing with teens. This is an age where they typically assert their authority, and tend to grow more independent, which in combination with hormonal changes, academic and athletic pressures, girlfriends/boyfriends and their responsibilities at home often prove to be overwhelming.

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