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According to the NIH, around 20 % of our population has used prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. Prescription drugs are more easily obtainable and cheaper than street drugs, making them an alarmingly popular choice among the younger population. Behind marijuana, prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused drug in the United States.

There are three main classes of prescription drugs which typically lead to abuse:

  • Opioids, such as codeine, Oxycodone and morphine and its’ derivatives – prescribed to treat pain.

Detox from pain medications is not life threatening using alternative medications to detox.

  • Central nervous system depressants, such as benzodiazepines, hypnotics and barbiturates, used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders.

Detox from anxiety medications is life threatening. Medically monitored detox is necessary.

  • Stimulants such as (Dexedrine® and Adderall®), and Methylphenidate (Ritalin® and Concerta®) used to treat narcolepsy, ADHD and obesity.

With time the line between treating medical symptoms and dependency often becomes blurred

For example, a person who takes Valium® regularly to lessen anxiety may find that, over a period of time, the medication becomes less effective and their anxiety, in turn, actually increases. Used appropriately and under medical supervision, these drugs can have beneficial effects, but can be as damaging and dangerous as illegal street drugs when abused.

Recovery From Prescription Pills Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is a problem that can disrupt your entire life

Our facility treatment includes pain assessment, pain management and management of continuing symptoms, such as anxiety. Completing your prescription drug treatment is not difficult, but staying away from them afterwards may prove to be very difficult indeed. Aftercare is highly suggested in our treatment.

Abusers of prescription drugs are also skilled in convincing physicians that they have genuine need for a new prescription. Prescription pills and medicine abuse is one of the leading cause in overdeath deaths in teens and adults.

Addicted to prescription pills medication

The signs of needing prescription drug treatment

  • Being in possession of bottles from more than one doctor.
  • Seeking meds from numerous pharmacies.
  • Seeking prescriptions from other doctors after their primary physician has refused.
  • Pills in plastic bags and mixing medications, or alcohol to increase the effect.

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