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Heroin (an opiate) addiction has been called “the mother of all addictions,” and, sadly, rates of heroin abuse have skyrocketed in recent years. But if you suffer from heroin addiction, there is hope. Treatment for heroin abuse is more advanced and effective than ever before.

Heroin Addiction: Get Treatment Immediately

The first thing you should consider when thinking about treatment for heroin/opioid addiction is that time is of the essence. There are very real reasons that getting treatment sooner than later saves lives.

Heroin the most Addictive and Lethal of Drugs

  • You could overdose as the result of buying a more pure batch of heroin than expected.
  • You could overdose from heroin laced with fentanyl.
  • You could contract any number of infectious and potentially lethal diseases, such as an infection of the heart, hepatitis, or even HIV if you are sharing needles.

It’s the overdose that is Lethal with Heroin NOT the detox. It’s always a mistake

Heroin overdoses occur daily with people who are using the drug as they normally are accustomed to. The unpredictable purity and chemical make-up of any given batch of heroin makes it impossible to know the mix in the dose.

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Long-term recovery strategies for heroin addiction must be taken into consideration. Without support groups and accountability, relapse can occur. Our facilities sometimes suggest some of our heroin patients go on a drug reduction program that involves a course of medication such as Suboxone. This drug helps curb cravings and fight immediate relapse. Our facilities use the medical protocol of recommending this drug for 7 days and then reduced to elimination if at all possible. Suboxone is best used to help in the detox stage. With a developed treatment strategy, including aftercare, most of our patients have great success recovering from heroin addiction.

Get to Best Treatment Center. There is a Solution

Getting treatment as soon as possible is critical. It’s also important to know what kind of treatment you’re going to get. Treatment centers offer slightly different programs and philosophies. Our facilities employ all the medically approved treatments for heroin addiction. They include:

These treatments programs are used together with long-term treatment and aftercare. Our facilities recommend medical detox for heroin addiction because the drug can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. We apply medical supervision for the first week until the addict is free from alternative medication administered by our medical staff.


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