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Functioning drug addicts need help as much as anyone who struggles with substance abuse. We have treatment centers designed to address the specific challenges faced by those who can control almost everything about their lives but their drug addiction.

When a loved one’s life is falling apart due to drug addiction, it’s obvious that treatment is necessary. The evidence is clear. However, when a loved one is somewhat functioning in job and family life, the individual often keeps fighting to control their use of drugs, or commits to stop numerous times. The option of treatment can be a challenging question for them under these conditions and denial.

“So-called” Functioning Addicts are in a life threatening spiral

Functioning drug addicts may not think they actually are addicts because life is somewhat manageable. The problem with this line of reasoning is that even if no health problems exist, addiction is a progressive disease. Problems will grow and evolve until the “so-called” functioning addict turns into a non-functioning addict. Often times when the disease reaches this point consequences have been suffered financially or emotionally by the entire family.

Substance abuse will have a negatively effect on health, career, relationships, finances, or legal.

When people are living in active addiction, they lie to themselves constantly and bad things happen without notice. These things happen—every day. When addicts are stuck in this living condition and the family can’t take it anymore without further suffering the best thing you can do is request an intervention with an intervention specialist. We have some of the most skilled professionals available in the country. See our page on intervention or contact us for more information.

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Drugs and Alcohol are lethal when combined as are often printed on the prescriptions

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Illicit drugs are the most addictive and always life threatening. There is an immediate solution for all these very difficult addictions.

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